Invitation Etiquette, there is some I obviously did not abide by it.

23 May

Etiquette says that printing “Adult Reception Only” or “Adult Reception immediately to follow” on the invitation itself is bad manners. They say the way you address the envelope dictates who is invited. Just because one dude decided that was the rule doesn’t mean it really is. Who died and made that person king of the world? 

Now, don’t get me wrong I am actually one to follow the rules & etiquette sometimes so I agree. The envelope should suffice but, I do not trust that everyone knows that. For example, have you ever been to a black tie event and there is still one person in khakis? Yes, you have. Guess what? Black Tie was printed on the invitation! I know it is not the same thing but I think it is just fine to cover all your bases. 

For both of you interested in reading my blog, I put the words, “Adult reception immediately to follow” in bright colors on my invitations. You know why I did that? (One of the two of you out there might be interested.)

Here are some of the reasons:

1. We are poor and therefore cheap so, including more than 2 kids would have put us over and above our budget.

2. The inclusion of kids would have put us over the capacity limit.

3. We wanted all the parents to have a nice night out and get shitty without worrying about having to be mommy & daddy at the same time. 

 Bottom line, rules are meant to be broken so I say break them if you have to. If I was rich and had a space to hold 500 people kids would be more than welcome but I don’t. We didn’t want to risk it and I am positive that everyone on our guest list completely understands. 




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