American Idol…

23 May

Is there anything else on TV ever? I know most people love AI but I’m a little ( a lot) bored of it. I am only interested in the last 10 minutes. The rest – It’s just unnecessary filler. You have to admit, 2 hours is a little excessive. 

Well Good Luck Phil & Jessica, I’ll be catching up on Shameless until 9:50. 


One Response to “American Idol…”

  1. carol miller May 23, 2012 at 9:59 pm #

    Agreed re: AI…way too long……………………………re. invites…again I agree…There is a time and place for children and an evening reception is not the place. .Send them home a piece of cake……(that’s what I got when my parents went to a Wedding AND I didn’t turn out to be a psycotic ax murderer……)-

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