Ever wonder why the Bride & Groom are so happy on the wedding day? All the planning is OVER!

21 May

I really think that wedding planning is a test. A test to see if you and your fiancé can really hack it together ’til death do you part. Thank God I have a few close friends getting married around the same time as me because I though I was just a stone cold bitch. 

For example, recently one of my BFFs was venting and she said, “Ok so is it me or is almost every aspect of wedding planning an argument?? Maybe it’s just me.”

To answer your question my dear BFF, it is NOT just you, you are not the only blushing bride out there that wants to punch yourself (or others) in the face.  It’s almost like everything wedding planning related is a weird illusion to trick into hating the person you are marring. Suddenly you and your once perfect partner are arguing about the most ridiculous things like lined envelopes. Who gives a shit about lined envelopes in normal life? The envelope is the first thing to hit the trash. (Clearly, this is a hot button issue with me.) 

The weirdest thing is that it IS a test. If you and your fiancé can get through planning a wedding you can get through anything. All the blood, sweat & tears (and money) that you BOTH pour into this one day (6 hour) event will be well worth it. It’s almost like all the hours you spend at the gym. You hate the gym, you hate the bike, you hate the weights, you hate the skinny bitches that are there for no reason and I secretly want to spike there Vitamin Water with sticks of butter, but you continue to work out anyway. You do this because you know deep down it will all work out in the end. Then suddenly one day, your skinny jeans fit perfectly! It’s the same as wedding planning. You spend so much time and effort answering everyone else’s questions, trying to make everyone happy, making sure this one & that one are included, freaking out that something is bound to go wrong but it will always work out. 

That is why the bride and the groom are so happy on their wedding day. They already knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together but the fact that the planning is over – Now that’s why I believe they smile so big and they cry tears of joy.

Toots for today!



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