Bravo TV’s “Gallery Girls” – yuck.

4 Sep

Listen Bravo, now I like TV more than most people but are you kidding me with “Gallery Girls?” I have watched some horribly ridiculous, mindless, shit shows like; Jersey Shore, Laguna Beach, The City, The Hills, BIKINI BARBERSHOP, Kendra On Top, and the list goes on but this one takes the cake. 

For all of you out there who don’t know about this awful show, Gallery Girls follows very uninteresting girls around New York City while attempting to make it big in the Art industry.   I might be speaking too soon (big surprise there) but so far 5% of this show is about art. This 5% includes interning in a gallery, attempting to open a gallery (epic fail) and talking about art. The remaining 95% of the show is about boring, dudley, rich girls doing nothing. Now, if the show followed around  rich girls with a personality I would watch. 

Remember the 2003-2004 MTV show called “Rich Girls?” That show really had no point to it other than to see what Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter Ally was up to along with her rich friend  Jaime Gleicher. These two girls really had no business with their own reality show but it was 300 times more entertaining that “Gallery Girls.”  

The bottom line on this post is that I will pretty much watch anything, but this show is horrible and boring. Bravo, you are usually my go to channel and I waste more time watching your shows but if you keep running shows like this I will have no choice but to turn you off and do something with my life. You can always send your cameras to my house and I promise my show would be more interesting. 


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