Kristen Stewart Cheated on Rob Pattinson – Is there more to this? Why are we still talking about it?

14 Aug


Can we discuss this Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart bullshit? Yes, I do realize that I am behind on talking about this but what I want to talk about is WHY are we STILL talking about it? Why is everyone so shocked and appalled that this relationship is in the shitter and that she cheated on him? We are not a country of pure, wholesome people and we have heard this same story a thousand times before so I just don’t understand the surprise and continuos reporting of this “newsworthy” story. 

She is a hot, young, 22 year old living in LA.  Did you think they were going to get married and start a family? It does totally blow that she cheated on him with an old man and my heart goes out to Rob. Oh, I’m sure he will not have any trouble finding another chick – I’m sure there was always a line of girls outside his door. Bottom line, it’s over.

So Kristen and Rob – you live and you learn. Move on to bigger and better relationships. Apparently for Kristen, that means a man with old balls.



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