11 reasons why age 23 is too young to be a professional Wedding Planner/Coordinator

7 Aug

Doogie Howser proved everyone wrong. He proved to be a fantastic, 16 year old genius Doctor. I understand that he was fictional but he was a damn genius. Not everyone is as suited as Doogie was for a particular role at a young age.
Let’s take a Wedding Planner/Coordinator for example. If you are right out of College at the young age of 23 you should probably not be number one in charge for a wedding. Let’s list some reason why:

1. Only wedding they have attended was an older siblings.

2. They confuse Peonies with Panini’s. If this happens, get the hell out of there. No one is holding a bouquet of sandwiches.

3. She will tell you how nervous she is about her job.

4. SHE IS 23!

5. The last party she was at included grain alcohol, keg stands &  funnels (and projectile vomiting).

6. SHE IS 23!

7. In the past 5 years she has been to more proms and formals than weddings.

8. SHE IS 23!

9. When talking about flowers she recalls all the carnations she received from her Valentine’s Day secret admirer in high school. FIVE YEARS AGO!

10. She talks about her sorority non-stop.

11. SHE IS 23!

I could go on but I don’t think I have to.


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