First Conan now Ann? WTF NBC?

27 Jun

NBC is at it again. First it was the Conan/Jay fiasco and now they dusted off their giant middle finger and decided to wave it at Ann Curry. Why are you so interested in pissing off your viewers, NBC?

I love NBC, Ann, Matt and many NBC shows but I have to say, are you kidding me NBC? You think there could have been a better way to handle this Ann Curry/Matt Lauer/Today Show BS? I mean my 6 & 7 year old nephews handle shit better than this and you are a well known, world-wide, media giant. Hey NBC – It’s not like you are a public access station that no one gives a shit about, you are a top rated network! Why would you put yourself in the middle of this shitstorm? Do you enjoy PR nightmares?

While the NBC PR team is scrambling to figure out how to spin this the right way Ann Curry is the picture of composure. She shows up (reluctantly, I assume) every morning knowing the extent of what is going on, knowing that her co-host isn’t a fan of hers and still manages to smile through the show. If I were a network I would hire her based on that alone. Just watching her keep her shit together like that trumps any awkward job interview she might have in the future.

As far as I am concerned, Ann Curry should walk away with her head held high. She is an amazing journalist,intelligent and inspiring. Not to mention her professionalism is off the charts. (If I were her I’d be giving the finger to everyone and telling them all off on the air, I’d go balls to the wall but that is reason number 324 why I am not on a show like that…or on a show at all.)

One thing is for sure, NBC really handled this poorly. I understand that they had to do what was best for them and the show but the way they went about it is horrible. In this field it is understood that you will never please everyone, people get rejected, people get praised but no one should really ever expect to be publicly humiliated by your employer. Shit happens but man, NBC you are putting a bad taste in the mouths of your viewers. This post I pulled from my Facebook Fan page says it all, “She should get her 20 mil and walk away. Screw NBC. I’ll go wherever Ann goes!”

This is NBC’s loss and it just makes them look like dicks. They aired their dirty laundry and played dirty.  

Between all this Ann/Matt/Today Show BS (the camera incident from this morning just put me over the edge) and Conan I am starting to get irritated. Hey NBC, do you think you can you cut the shit and stop being so douchey?


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