Full-Time Job + Unmarried = Housewife?

4 Jun

I am sure I will offend someone with my next sentence but I just don’t understand. In what world can a woman be employed full-time, unmarried and qualified to be on a show called “The Real Housewives of (Insert affluent city name here)? Now, I understand that women are expert multi-taskers and although I am not yet a mom I do feel that being a housewife and mother is a full time job. Here is what I don’t understand, 95% of the women on the Real Housewives series are employed. Not only are most of these women employed but they are self employed! I am not saying this is a bad thing, I don’t think the content of this show is popular among MENSA members but if there is one positive aspect of this show it is that many these women have their own successful businesses. I don’t know if they started these businesses on their own but they seem to be making a good living off of it. (Lets look at some of the businesses; shapeware, handbags, insurance, fitness, jewelry, etc.) Best thing to come to of this show was Bethenny Frankel. I think Bethenny is the shit, a mogle, a master mind and business role model but she wasn’t married either so I’m pretty sure that doesn’t qualify for the title of “housewife.” She is one of the standouts of this show and she was only on for a season or two.

Okay, okay, I give! This series is one of my guilty pleasures but it seems that it has the wrong title. It should be called “Real Women Who are Rich (with more spare time than normal people, who drink a lot and get into fights more than 7th grade girls)”

Bottom line, these women are great for mindless entertainment but having a job is NORMAL and having one that makes you a lot of money is the dream. Looks like the only ones who are really doing it right are the ladies from NJ! Real Housewives of New Jersey, my fists pump for you!


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