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NYC finally gets a Cupcake ATM…There a

25 Mar

NYC finally gets a Cupcake ATM…There are going to be a lot of drunks with over drawn accounts.

Jersey Shore 2: Offspring

22 Jan

Hey, MTV! I have an idea for you…

Jenni “JWoww” Farley announced that she will be having a baby GIRL! Congratulations to her – baby girls are just darling.
More importantly do you know what this news can mean? Yes, Snooki and JWoww are probably planning their kids wedding to each other but thats obvious. This means that in 21 years or so from now MTV could launch a sequel – Jersey Shore 2: Offspring! We have Jr. JWoww, Lorenzo and Pauly’s little lady (what ever her name is). So who’s with me? MTV, you with me?!

See more abut Jenni here:

Surely you jest, Miss Miley

22 Nov

I knew Miley reminded me of someone but I just couldn’t figure it out until now. POWDER! Miley, you look just like Powder! What the hell is wrong with you?

We get it, you are NOT Hanna Montana. You smoke pot, you love Molly, you drink and that’s totally cool but don’t go bleaching your eyebrows, that’s just foolish. Please dye them back. Oh, and while you’re at it, grow your hair back.


Farrah Abraham…you make me feel so mature.

29 Oct

I hate to perpetuate talk about this chick but former Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham was on The Bethenny show yesterday. In the midst of recent happenings with Farrah, she shouldn’t be surprised that plucking her four year old daughters eyebrows, her sex toy business and porn were amongst the topics discussed. Really Farrah, what did you expect her to discuss?Arguing with your mom? Calling your dad by his first name? You’re brief stint as a culinary student? No way! You know why? No one cares about that stuff when sex toys & porn are involved. Not to mention the famous quote about your four year old daughter, “Doing her own thing.”
With that said, I completely understand why Bethenny conducted her interview the way she did. I am sure Bethenny had her own opinions of Farrah but she did an excellent job of keeping her feelings under wraps. Farrah on the other hand came off very defensive. Farrah, honey, you put yourself in the public eye, you need to get a thicker skin and just own what you do. Oh and by the way, it IS porn.

For more deets and to see Farrah’s interview click here.

Prancercise: Joanna Rohrback’s Fitness Program Inspired By Horses (VIDEO)

30 May

Thank God for the ankle weights other wise I would have thought this was just silly.


Prancercise: Joanna Rohrback’s Fitness Program Inspired By Horses (VIDEO)


Ryan Lochte – Go away

26 Apr

The E! station newest show “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” might be the worst idea in TV ever. Yes, worst. 
I can’t even stomach the commercials let alone watch a full episode. 

I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover but I am.  The cover is STUPID. 

Kim Kardashian’s New Years Resoluion…

31 Dec

Is to have a baby. What is yours?

3 yr old – Potty training + Outside the house = $2,500 fine?

15 Nov

Let’s say you live in Oklahoma. Let’s say you are on your front lawn and with your 3 year old son who is not yet completely potty trained. Let’s say your 3 year old, un-potty trained kid has to pee and let’s say a police officer happens to drive by. What do you think would happen? If you guessed that the cop would fine the mother $2,500 for public urination you are right! What did you learn from this? Don’t live in Oklahoma.

Read the full article, “Okla. cop tickets tot, 3, for public urination” from the NY Daily News here!

Presidential “To Do” List

7 Nov

Yesterday was a big, big day. Other than the threat one of our favorite feathered friends on the unemployment line, there was a lot at stake with this election…number 1 issue being the economy. The economy is a huge priority in this election but I feel like too much time is spent on other issues that should not be such a major part of a Presidential election.

The President of the United States of America has A LOT on his “To Do List” and I think that issues like a woman’s right to choose and sexual orientation should not be part of his agenda. Don’t get me wrong they are definitely major issues and some of the most important but I think the President should spend his time on the real pressing matters like the economy, foreign affairs, etc.  If the president is working on Foreign Policy why in the world would he even have time to think about someone’s sexual orientation?  Who gives a shit? Why would he even have time to care that 2 men or 2 women want to get married? If I were the President I would A) Say go for it & marry whoever you want or B) leave that up to the State’s discretion because I have bigger issues to deal with like the DOW dropping 300 points and a happy little place called the Middle East.

Courtney Stodden: Erin Brockovich of today?

2 Nov


Welp, that is what Courtney proclaimed in the most recent episode of VH1’s “Couples Therapy” on Wednesday night.

Before I get into why her diluted mind thinks that, let’s review Erin Brockovich for a second. In short, Erin Brockovich was working as law clerk who was instrumental in facilitating the case against PG&E. She did all that while raising her children and without a formal law education. She is now an environmental activist and consultant.  With that being said, the only take away Courtney took from this incredible true life depiction was the cleavage Julia Roberts showed in her award winning role in the onscreen adaptation. Maybe her ears don’t work due to a blockage of loose saline from her chest? No, no, those are “rill.”

In the last few episodes of VH1’s “Couples Therapy” Courtney Stodden was reprimanded several times for her barely there clothing choices and when confronted by Dr. Jenn she profusely states that she has “saved many lives” because she is who she is and dresses in a way that expresses who she is…(a slut – sorry)…blah blah blah. Yes, that comment has shocked us all. I think this ding dong is attempting to say that her dressing with pasties, a fig leaf and five inch lucite heels is expressing who she is and is somehow trying to combat bullying while being pro individuality? Anyway, it took some convincing but Dr. Jenn was able to get Courtney to go shopping with her so she can dress in real people clothes. You know, clothes that aren’t purchased from Courtney came back to the house in white jeans and a tight fitting top. She was not thrilled and she called it her uniform. (Why doesn’t this girl realize that since she is still wearing 5 inch lucite heels and has huge melons she is going to look sexy in a poncho). She looked more normal, not totally normal but like a Christian girl from the suburbs with daddy issues type normal.

Courtney wore her new outfit for one whole day and it seemed as thought she was making progress keeping her clothes on. Then the next day came. Courtney shows up to the house in a bikini top and something that can only be described as a doll clothing size tennis skirt, for a sluttly doll.  This forces Dr. Jenn to confront her yet again. She asks Courtney to change and come back to the house so therapy can continue. Courtney says something like she is not going to change for anyone. Dr. Jenn clarifies that she just needs to change her clothes and come back. Courtney continues to spew more crap out of her mouth like, she won’t change because she is a strong woman and everyone is a bully…yadda, yadda, yadda. Then she says it, “I guess you could call me the 21st century Erin Brockovich. That’s me.”

That is the greatest thing she has ever said next to her last gem, “I have saved many lives”


Courtney, you cannot compare yourself to Erin Brockovich. Other than the fact that you both have a face you have nothing in common with her. Erin Brockovich actually DID SAVE LIVES.


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